Implementation of the African Constitution

Article XVII of the proposed Treaty for the United States of Africa stipulates how the African Constitution will be implemented.


1) Following the ratification of the African Constitution, there will be a provision for its implementation.
2) Upon receiving the instruments of ratification from the states, the African Convention shall schedule and supervise the election of the first Congress and president within three hundred and sixty-five days.

3) The day of the first federal election shall be the permanent general election day of the United States of Africa. If, for instance, the first Congress and president will be elected on the third Wednesday of June 2015, all future general elections shall always be on the third Wednesday of June.

4) The African Convention will stand dissolved upon the inauguration of the first Congress and president, both of who shall assume immediate charge of the implementation of the African Constitution.

5) The status of the African Union will be reviewed by the first Congress for reorganization, reassignment and incorporation into the federal system.