1. Supreme Law
Law of the Land 

Section A - Constitutional Federation

The United States of Africa is a federal republic established and governed in accordance with these provisions of the African Constitution, the supreme law of Africa and to which all other legislation is subject.

Section B - Citizen Power

(1) By virtue of their constituent or citizen power, the African people shall resist and stop any person or persons seeking to subvert this constitutional order in which event no alternative remedy is available.

(2) A person in a position of authority who issues or enforces an order to use force on unarmed civilians and violently break up a peaceful protest shall be removed from office and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Every participant in a protest is required to do so nonviolently.
(3) (a) If and when the state and federal authorities are unwilling or unable to protect and defend the African people and their property in any part of Africa, the entire able-bodied population of the affected community, town, city, county or state is entitled to organize itself into a well regulated militia for the sole and express purpose of self defence and protection of property.
(b) (i) For the purpose of protection of life and property and legitimate militia service, the right of the African people to own and keep licensed guns and other appropriate weapons on their private premises shall not be infringed upon.
(ii) Weapons of mass destruction, including but not limited to nuclear and all other kinds of bombs and biological and chemical agents of warfare, are banned from private ownership and do not apply to militia service and individual citizen use in protection of life and property.

(iii) Africans who want to own and keep weapons on their premises for legitimate self defence, protection of property and militia service are required to apply for a federal weapon licence and must be psychologically competent, without a history of alcohol and drug abuse and behavioral problems and with no criminal record.

(iv) In addition to being responsible for the full cost of psycho-behavioral, alcohol, drug and criminal screening, applicants for a weapon licence shall pay a weapon licence processing fee.
(v) A weapon licence shall be for a specific period to be stipulated by the Federal Congress of Africa and must be renewed upon expiration, during which process the applicant must pass a new psycho-behavioral, alcohol, drug and criminal screening.

(vi) The United States of Africa shall contract the states to process, issue and renew federal weapon licences as agents of the federation.
(vii) A weapon owner who commits a crime and is convicted or who fails a psycho-behavioral, alcohol and drug screening shall lose his or her license to own and keep weapons. All weapons in the possession of a person who loses a weapon license shall become federal property.
(viii) Weapons kept on private premises are the responsibility of the adult owner. Children, all other non-adults and unauthorized adults must not have access to them, a violation of which, including weapon misuse by the owner, will result in criminal prosecution, revocation of the responsible party's weapon licence and a permanent ban from weapon ownership.

(4) With the exception of authorized law and order enforcement and legitimate militia service, possession of a weapon at a public place, including but not limited to schools, rallies and elsewhere people gather for any purpose, is banned.