African Parliament
In accordance with Article 4 of the Constitutive Act, which grants the African people participatory power in the African Union, AfricanConstitution.Org is advocating a restructuring of the Pan-African Parliament into a democratic institution.

This proposal seeks to change the name of the Pan-African Parliament to the African Parliament and have its members elected directly by the African people in each AU state.

Conferred with the legislative power of the AU, the African Parliament, will supervise the work of the African Commission, the African Court of Justice and all other AU institutions.

A key responsibility of the African Parliament will be to scrutinize, debate and authorize the AU budget, with all AU spending being appropriated by the Parliament.

To allow for a better inclusion of state perspectives into the African Parliament's legislative activities, the Parliament will work with the legislatures of the AU states and hold joint parliamentary sessions from time to time.

In the proposal, the African Parliament will be a defender of human rights and democracy in Africa and overseas, with an amendment to the Constitutive Act listing inalienable fundamental civil, political, economic and social rights for all persons living on AU territory.