African Council

In accordance with Article 4 of the Constitutive Act, which grants the African people participatory power in the African Union, AfricanConstitution.Org is advocating transformation of the Assembly of the AU into an accountable African Council.

Seeking to name the Assembly of the AU the African Council, the proposal provides the function of the Council as to define the general political direction and priorities of the AU with no legislative or executive power conferred on it.

Comprising democratically elected heads of state or government of the AU states, the Council will also have its Parliament-appointed president and the chief secretary of the African Commission as its members.

No head of state or government who came to, or stays in, state power through unconstitutional means or through a fraudulent election will be granted membership of the Council.

A member of the Council from a state on whose watch corruption and human rights violations thrive will have no voting power and will be subject to sanctions by a majority vote when that state's government does not heed the a Council ultimatum for the corruption or human rights violations to stop forthwith.

When the program so requires, the members of the Council may each decide to be assisted by a cabinet official and, in the case of the chief secretary, a member of the Commission,

Convened by its president, the Council meets every six months and,
when the situation so requires, the president will convene a special session.

With the exception of where the Constitutive Act or a treaty requires otherwise, the decisions of the Council will be by a majority vote,

By the vote of the majority, the African Parliament will elect a sitting member of the Parliament to be the president of the Council. That person must vacate his or her parliamentary position upon election to the Council.

The Council president's term of office will be two years and renewable once. 

Council meetings will take place in any AU state chosen by a majority vote of its members.